Young Professionals Network

Relaunching the Young Professionals Network

This is not a separate chamber of commerce but a group within our chamber that focuses on the needs of chamber members in the up-to-35-year-old age group. Chamber members who are in this age group (or at least the fringes) do not have to apply or pay anything additional to be included in YPN – it’s part of the basic membership. While participants in the YPN may still attend all advertised chamber events, additional events will be offered that meet the unique and relevant needs of young professionals.
After being on hiatus over the summer, the YPN is relaunching this fall with new events beginning in September. If you’re interested in participating in this vibrant group, and would especially like to be part of the leadership and development team, please contact Mark Goldstein at 407-484-3899 or e-mail him at

Check our calendar for current Chamber events.

YPN events to be added soon.

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