Ambassador Team

Caring and Connecting

Chamber Ambassadors are an informed select group of highly motivated, enthusiastic, and articulate business professionals who serve as the backbone of the Chamber’s membership and engagement programs. Ambassadors serve as liaisons between Chamber staff and the members as well as representing the Chamber at a variety of events.

Meet the Ambassador Team

JavieandJess ()

Javie and Jessica Madrigal

Co-Owners of Salted Orange LLC & Ambassador Team Co-Chairs

Based out of Orlando, FL, Javie and Jessica Madrigal have a vision to advocate for local business owners and help them make the impact they set out to make when they started pursuing their dream. They believe in the inherent power of authentic brand stories, and are committed to helping business leaders step confidently into the light, embracing their unique identity and role in the community. Through the expertise they have gained over the past 10 years in business growth, brand identity, marketing, and design, they have now become certified business growth specialists. In addition, they head up a team of experienced web developers, designers, graphic artists, SEO experts, ad specialists, and brand strategists serving their clients with excellence. 

Volunteer Ambassadors

Heashot Landon - Dawn Sipley

Dawn Sipley

Sipley The Best


With nearly 20 years in HR, nine of those in business ownership, Dawn understands the pressures of entrepreneurship. She began her professional career after graduating from UCF with her business degree in 2004. Since then, she has supported hundreds of companies in Central Florida with their hiring needs either as a corporate recruiter, staffing company, or consultant. It was during those years in staffing that the concept of Sipley the Best was born. Instead of the agency experience where they simply do the grunt work for you, StB targets companies that truly care about the culture of the company, dedicated to attracting diverse but like-minded talent, while choosing to value the current team.

IMG - Aimee Lloyd

Aimee Lloyd

The Aimee Advantage


I am one of the few Native Floridians who was born and raised in Winter Park, Florida, and have continued to reside here for 45 years. Loving the small-town feel of beautiful Winter Park and the amazing opportunities in Central Florida, I decided to raise my own family here, including three sons, who are 13, 10, and 4 years old. I graduated from Rollins College with an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Psychology in 1999 and earned my MBA in Marketing and Management from Crummer Graduate School of Business in 2001. I met the love of my life, Robby, when I was 8 years old at Sunday School, and after almost 30 years of friendship we got married in 2017.
I utilized my marketing degree and expertise by partnering with local Financial Planners and Attorneys to identify their ideal clients while building their referral network. For over 25 years, I’ve helped business leaders run their companies in a more profitable manner by creating strategic branding and marketing initiatives. I started my own company, The Aimee Advantage, in 2019 with the goal of optimizing my time with my family while continuing my relationship-building skills by acting as a consultant to business owners, who need marketing guidance but don’t have the budget or ability to hire a full-time in-house Marketing Director. Running my own company allows me the freedom to partner with a select group of elite clients whose values and goals align with mine. I am passionate about promoting businesses who care deeply about their clients and provide excellent service without only focusing on financial gain but improving our community and their clients’ quality of life.
In my spare time, I volunteer with The Finley Project, whose mission is to help grieving mothers who have lost infants by providing a 7-part holistic healing program. After my daughter, Kaitlyn, passed away in October of 2012, I wanted to cherish her memory by giving back to an organization who helped moms by providing funeral preparation, grocery shopping, house cleaning, and most importantly mental health counseling directly following the most traumatic type of loss. I am blessed to sit on the Board of Directors for this nonprofit and work with Noelle Moore, Founder of The Finley Project, to create awareness about infant loss while raising community support. We are always looking for donations of time, talent, and treasure. It costs approximately $1,500 to support one mother and provide all our services to her over a 6-month timeframe. We are in desperate need, more than ever, for all types of support. We don’t want to ever turn a mom away when she is experiencing the most unimaginable type of grief. For more information on how to help support our organization go to www.thefinleyproject.org.


Brenda Owen

The Swag Spot, LLC


Entrepreneur & business owner since 1996. Married 41 years. Mother of 3 sons, currently 4 granddaughters.


Donovan Peterkin

All Star Entertainment


A native of Kingston, Jamaica, I am a professional Musician and Entertainer with a career spanning over 40 years of worldwide performances. I am also a licensed insurance agent specializing in voluntary health benefits, and a newly published author. My new book, “The Cyrenian: Crossroads and a Cross” was released on December 18, 2023, by Trilogy Christian Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of TBN. My thanks to God for his blessings, and this wonderful opportunity to serve and be a part of His Kingdom Commerce!

Alkiah Waller

Alkiah Waller

Classic Beauty, LLC


I am called to bring out the beauty on the inside, and the outside to empower with confidence to empower with strength to empower with the boldness of your beauty and Coach you to walk in who you are authentically called to be!

Business Photo - Eric Floyd

Eric Floyd

"Where Grace Abounds" Podcast


Eric Floyd is an entertainer at Universal Orlando, a Program Director for the US Christian Chamber of Commerce, a contributing Turf Writer for Gaming and Destinations Magazine, and the Producer and Host of the Christian podcast “Where Grace Abounds”, which can be heard wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts!

Deron Lacy photo - Dklfans

Deron Lacy

Academy Mortgage


My name is Deron Lacy, and I am a residential loan officer with Academy Mortgage. I have been a trusted financial advisor & lender for over 30+ years in Central Florida. Moving to Orlando in 1965, I have seen the incredible growth that has happened to all of the surrounding communities and cities throughout Florida since then. Throughout my years in the financial industry, I have served on several boards and have been involved in the Greater Seminole County Chamber of Commerce, the Apopka Chamber of Commerce & the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce. It is now my honor to be a member of the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce and I welcome the opportunity to grow and serve with them as well. As a residential lender, I recognize that purchasing a home is the biggest business transaction that most people will go thru in their lives and they will go thru this a few times and some even once. And the stresses that come along with it outside of just the lending, all the relationships involved – the agents, the sellers, having to make the moves, new school systems, families and kids – everything about it can be overwhelming. I enjoy being a part of it and maybe pull everybody back and help calm them down and walk them through how to manage the stress and enjoy this. I enjoy the face to face, the personal aspect of it and I believe that I can make the process relatively simple that can turn very difficult for many buyers and make it as easy as possible. It’s a phone call or send me a text or email, we can handle your application over the phone if you like. If you’re more comfortable on your own time completing the loan application, our process is as simple as it gets – extremely user friendly and once you are done completing it, I will be notified automatically and will jump right into your application and you will have my feedback within minutes, as quickly as I can give you my personal opinion, and them we can move forward if you feel comfortable. I look forward to serving you and your family with your new home purchase and or refinance.

Me April Russ Wedding Day - Michael Pagan

Michael Pagan

Web Local SEO


Mike Pagan is a seasoned professional in the digital marketing space with over two decades of overall management experience including website design, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Zapier integrations, automations and comprehensive management of Google online presence. His expertise lies in crafting strategic solutions that elevate businesses in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Throughout his career, Mike has successfully navigated the dynamic realms of digital marketing, demonstrating an unparalleled proficiency in optimizing online visibility and driving consistent, measurable results for his clients. What sets him apart is his proven ability to build enduring relationships, evidenced by the trust and satisfaction of several clients who have partnered with him for years. Beyond his digital marketing prowess, Mike is a respected leader at Faith Assembly Church, where he oversees a connect group. In this role, he has cultivated a vibrant community with over 225 singles, known as “Dinner For 8.” Mike’s leadership extends beyond the professional realm, highlighting his commitment to fostering meaningful connections and community engagement. As a practitioner and advocate of holistic success, Mike intertwines his professional journey with a deep-rooted belief in spiritual, mental, and physical fitness. This unique perspective shapes his approach to digital marketing, emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded and resilient mindset in achieving sustainable success. Whether consulting on SEO strategies, orchestrating effective Google Ads campaigns, designing user-centric websites, or implementing seamless Zapier integrations, Mike Pagan’s dedication to excellence, community building, and holistic well-being sets him apart in the digital marketing landscape. His holistic approach extends beyond just online presence, aiming to empower businesses and communities with a comprehensive strategy that aligns with their values and aspirations. With an impressive track record and a commitment to ongoing growth, Mike Pagan continues to be a guiding force in the digital marketing space, inspiring businesses and communities to thrive in the digital age have questions or a free website online analysis call 877-766-6812

-- HR Tampa Expo Headshot Doug Walters - Doug Walters Jr

Doug Walters



I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord & Savior on a Saturday afternoon, June 20 1987 in the backyard of Pastor Leroy Benefield in Graceville FL. I was a 1st Lt in the Air Force as a fighter pilot running around with my hair on fire going in the wrong direction at the speed of sound. Turns out there had been a number of Academy classmates that had been praying for me for years. I was the oldest of 6 children. We grew up moving nearly every year and living on Military Bases. We were raised Seventh Day Adventist going to church every Sabbath. Being our Dad was not into church and once we become teens…we stopped going. I had always felt an emptiness and tried filling it with worldly things. As God really started working in my life in the 1985-1987, time frame…more and more Christians were being placed in front of me. While at Squadron Officer School at Maxwell AFB, it seemed like the entire dorm I was in had open door Bible Studies going on all the time. The night before Pastor Benefield led me to the Lord, I could not sleep and was filled with anxiety & stress. I know God was calling but felt I had to “CLEAN” myself up first otherwise I as coming out of my weakness…EXACTLY! It was after midnight when for some reason I was suddenly opened my door, burst out of my room all pale & sweating and about ran into another young 1st Lt classmate of mine. He was shocked, stepped back and asked was I okay…I told him no, and asked him what his relationship was with Jesus Christ. A big smile came over Bart’s face as he told me to wait one moment for him to go back to his room. He came back with his HUGE Thompson Chain Reference Bible and proceeded to share the Gospel with me and answer my questions. I still was not ready to fully accept Christ as my Savior. But the next day when I found myself in the backyard of Pastor Benefield…the light came on…the darkness left…the emptiness filled, and I could see clearly! I was still running around with my hair on fire, but at least now it was for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! My life has never been the same since. Our family has been active member of Exciting Idlewild Baptist Church here in Tampa/Lutz since 1999. I am currently in 2 men’s groups plus a BSF Bible Study. We have been part of a number of Adult Sunday School classes and had volunteered for years in both the Pre-School & Children’s Ministry. I also was part of our Tape/CD Ministry. My wife & I along with 4 other families initiated and built out our Adoption/Foster Care support group and Church Ministry called “FACES” it stood for For A Child’s Eternal Salvation and also the many FACES of Adoption/Foster Care of all the people whose lives were touched or involved with the process & system. Our group brought in regular seminars, events, classes, Heart Gallery etc for Adoption, Foster Care, Guardian a Litem, that eventually led to the understanding of the need for a Human Trafficking Ministry also.

doug-palmer ()

Doug Palmer

Edward Jones - Winter Garden


I have always had a passion for being of service to others, which included my past leadership roles and volunteering and teaching players/coaches the game of baseball. I enjoy making sure that my clients feel valued and we work together to achieve our goals. It is important to me that all parties feel this partnership and we act in the best interest of our clients. Before beginning my career with Edward Jones, I enjoyed being a client for several years. The service and individual attention I received made me want to become a part of this great organization.

As an Edward Jones financial advisor, I have an opportunity to be a key resource in helping you. I utilize a proven five step process to understand what goals you’re working toward before you invest your money. It’s important to understand you as a person first, what is most important to you and the level of risk you’re comfortable accepting when investing. Together, we take the necessary steps to help reach your long-term goals and celebrate our successes together.

Life comes with change; career, job, retirement, living in retirement and other life events create this change. I assist clients in navigating through the cycles of life without losing focus on your priorities. As a former professional athlete, I will take that competitive mindset of winning and performing at my best throughout our partnership.

My branch team and I focus on providing tailored solutions for families and small businesses to help achieve their life goals financially. I am honored and appreciative of you involving me in your financial strategy. I value your trust and I will work with the urgency and concern for what’s important to you, as I do for that of my own family. I am also a father and an example to my daughters. My wife and I love calling Central Florida “home,” and it is a privilege to serve in our community.

Thomas Bopp Headshot Hampstead - Tommy Bopp

Tommy Bopp

Utility Bill PRO


I own a cost reduction company that focuses on helping churches and other Christian organizations free up funds for ministry. That is my ministry. I live out of state but I am still trying to be involved because I believe in what the Christian Chamber is doing for the Kingdom.

jacquelyn-lynn- - Jacquelyn Lynn

Jacquelyn Lynn

Tuscawilla Creative Services


Jacquelyn Lynn is an inspirational author, ghostwriter, and self-publishing consultant. Her more than 45 books include Finding Joy in the Morning: You can make it through the night (companion books: Finding Joy Journal, Finding Joy Adult Coloring Book, and Intentional Joy Study Guide); Words to Work By: 31 devotions for the workplace based on the book of Proverbs; and Christian Business Almanac, scheduled for release in February 2024. As a ghostwriter, Jacquelyn works with business leaders to help them get their thoughts into words in a readable, understandable and entertaining form that people will want to read. As a self-publishing consultant, Jacquelyn helps her clients navigate the complex world of self-publishing to get their books on the market on schedule and within budget. Jacquelyn is also the author of The Simple Facts About Self-Publishing: What indie publishers need to know to produce a great book and How to Avoid Being Ripped Off by a Publisher. Jacquelyn partners with her husband, photographer/videographer Jerry Clement, to provide complete book production for clients. Together they created several Christian coloring books for adults, the My Book About series, and the Conversations series. Connect with Jacquelyn through her website at CreateTeachInspire.com.

StudioTphoto-WEB Fiskallx - Jim Fiskell

James Fiskell

US Health Advisors


“HOPE ” Helping Other People Everyday is more than just my motto. I was first introduced to the importance of health insurance when my youngest son was born 4 weeks premature. His lungs were not fully developed, and he was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit. The doctor’s worked to get him breathing with tubes in his chest and medications but nothing was working, and he was getting worse. He was given a 5% chance for life. I would have gladly exchanged my life for his. At that time, is when I learned the power of prayer in my life. My son is fully healthy today, the cost for his time in the hospital and procedures was over $250,000 before our insurance took care of the cost. That event changed our life forever, my wife and daughter became nurses and my sons, one is an accountant, and one is in the health industry. My passion is to protect families and small businesses. I educate all my clients, so they know when something does happen, they are covered. If you want an agent who will be there for you, wants to help you and knows the importance protecting your loved ones. Let me show you how I can be of service to you.

Headshot - Angela Holton

Angela Holton

Royalty Real Estate Boutique


Representing Central Florida Homeowners and future homeowners, Angela is committed to listening to her client’s needs and utilizing her keen negotiating skills to ensure a successful transaction. Raised in Orlando, Angela understands the numerous intangible benefits of life in Central Florida, with its unmatched weather, culture and diversity. For the past 20 years, Angela has been in the real estate industry and has become an esteemed Realtor and is highly regarded by her clients and professionals in the field. A current resident in the Orlando area, she is well-connected and actively involved in the community. Her contacts and lifelong residency leverage her enthusiasm and expertise enhancing her client dedication. Angela utilizes a team of professional service providers to assist with her clients buying and selling needs. She is communicative, thorough and detail-oriented and will be alongside you every step of the way.