A New Resource for Tech Industry Managers!

A New Resource for Tech Industry Managers!

The Tech Leader’s Toolbox podcast is now live! This podcast is for managers and executives in technical industries that face the daily challenge of leading others. And it IS a challenge!

Here we will offer you information, tips, and techniques that will help your leadership be easier and more effective.We will feature perspective and interviews from well-known leaders in the tech industry with real-life applications.

This is the right place for you If you want to know the secret to teams that perform with excellence and go the extra mile. If you know that it starts with you then you are welcome here.

If you seek to keep yourself open to being teachable and learning to make changes to get the kind of results you want, then this is DEFINITELY the place for you.

You can find The Tech Leader’s Toolbox on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and other popular apps. Or simply visit TLToolbox.buzzsprout.com.