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    Many people are living paycheck-to-paycheck and stressing about money regularly. Many are deep in debt and have never been taught basic principles on how to handle money. Is it a surprise that money fights are one of the biggest causes of divorce?   So many are not prepared for a financial emergency even at a small level.  Even more sadly, people die without having things in place that would help take care of their loved ones after they're gone.  We seek to remedy this problem by providing financial education, personal coaching, and money management training to the people in your community.

    The principles that we teach and guide others through are largely based on Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University- (if you've heard of it).  What we teach is based on proven principles that have worked for the lives of millions of people.  We are currently looking to partner with more churches and organizations to be able to bring change and hope into the lives of others! Our interactive classes and coaching include real-life topics and we seek to foster a safe environment for discussing and learning about money. This is a time and energy saver for professionals who have the heart to help but may have other impending tasks.


    Here is  some information about us which should give you an idea of who we are and what we believe about helping others in this way!  



      We know that money is something people of all walks of life and tax brackets struggle with.  ALSO, TEENS and YOUNG ADULTS are often overlooked, and get into poor money management, because they were never really educated properly.  We close that gap too!

    Lastly, I'm adding a link here on what a financial coach does and how we can benefit in that aspect, as well as, the difference between a financial coach and financial advisor. 


    This is an urgent matter and an important matter that is impacting so many families, so, we request that you seriously consider the opportunity.  We would love to discuss with you how we may be a trusted resource for those you know and serve.  People are struggling every day and will continue to struggle without help.

    About our experience:

    • 7+ years of experience and financial teaching/coaching.

    • Wife and I have been facilitating financial classes since 2012

    • Over 3+ years of ongoing training from the Ramsey Solutions Team

    • Andrew Jay is qualified as a Ramsey Preferred Coach and listed on Dave Ramsey website

    • Our personal journey has allowed us to pay off debt, build up a strong emergency fund, invest wisely, and leave an inheritance when we pass away. We both come from families with poor money habits.

    • We volunteer monthly at Latisha's House (Success and financial mentoring)

    • Host Mastermind Groups to facilitate others reaching their God-given purpose

    Here is what one couple has said about us:

    Before we met Andrew Jay Lewis, my wife and I were living paycheck to paycheck. We had our finances all wrong and didn’t see a way out of debt. We actually believed that being in debt was normal. We first heard about Andrew from our local church, he led countless Financial Peace University classes and was highly recommended by other members who had gone through it. In being under Andrew's guidance and care over the years, we were able to budget every dollar! Within no time our lives changed forever. He poured his passion, patience, and knowledge over us. He helped us create a plan and stay focused throughout the years. When we had questions, he was able to look over the data and provide resolutions. It is his vision and passion of helping others that truly made us confident in his skills. Not only were we able to get our finances in order, but we were able to save up 3 month worth of expenses in case of an emergency. We even noticed we stopped talking about “how are we going to pay that bill” to “how are we going to build wealth and retire”. Our finances are better and we are stress free! I am so grateful to Andrew Jay Lewis for taking our hand and walking us through those baby steps and helping us "live like no one else, so that one day we can give like no one else."

    Josh & Kayla

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