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    A certified John Maxwell Team Leadership Development Coach and certified DISC Trainer, if there are two interesting facts that you should know about me as an individual, they would be: 1) I am genuinely curious about learning, growing, and giving back to others and 2) I work best one-on-one as a consultant and coach. I have been serving business clients directly and indirectly in the financial services industry in both retail and bank operations since 2007. This has included managing five high-performing branches. In addition to this, my entrepreneurial exposure over the years has served me well in connecting and serving existing and potential clients in growing their businesses. My DISC blend is Advisor, with a primary "S" (Steady) and secondary "I" (Influencing).


    A graduate of Jamaica Theological Seminary, I am an ordained pastor and has been serving in Christian ministry leadership for more than 20 years. During this time, I have had a strong focus on ministry establishment, leadership development, strategic planning, roundtable conversations, team engagement, mentoring, and coaching. These professional and non-professional experiences have created significant opportunities for me to use my top 5 Gallup Strengths  of Achiever, Context, Connectedness, Learner, and Harmony in supporting my clients toward responsible growth for themselves, teammates, and stakeholders!

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