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    I’m Maribeth Moore. I’m a virtual assistant (and former executive assistant, marketing assistant, and an organizational freak). I am also a proud wife and dog-lover (I have three big puppers)!


    I decided to get back in the game and quickly found that I am “overqualified” for the jobs that are available. I also like being able to work from anywhere. This is when I realized that I needed to go out on my own, and here I am.


    My tag line is “My mission is to help YOU succeed!” and I mean it. Entrepreneurs/Creatives have big visions for their businesses but lack the time to handle all the small details that bring their vision to life. Here at Sondancer Virtual Services, I give you back your time, by organizing those ideas and visions into small achievable action steps, so that you have less stress, more clients, and more profit.


    Let me take on those things that you have been trying to get around to doing, but just haven’t had the time.

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