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    As one of those professionals who have the freedom and opportunity to do what they love, I wake up each morning excited about the amazing people I will have the opportunity to walk alongside.

    My position provides me with an environment where my Core Values, Passions, and Skills are all aligned. Each day I get the chance to help business leaders run their companies in a more profitable manner and realize their dreams. Merging my Marketing expertise with the talented professionals I work with, I’m given the freedom to exercise my passion and skills for connecting business professionals to the necessary resources and advisers they need to accomplish their goals.

    In my prior years working in Nonprofits trying to help people and underprivileged communities, I never realized how fulfilling working with for profit businesses could be. God definitely guided the transition by putting the right people and the right situations in front of me at just the right time – and I was fortunate to see them and jump at the opportunities. I earned my college degree in Psychology and Sociology and then completed my MBA with a focus in Marketing and Management. I worked in Nonprofit for almost 5 years before realizing the pull and making the decision to pursue helping business people with my expertise.

    Almost 15 years later, I’ve experienced working with business leaders from so many different industries and learned what drives them and gets them out of bed in the morning – and what keeps them up at night. I look forward to hearing from you and connecting you to those who will help you realize your business dreams. You can reach me directly at aimeelloyd100@gmail.com.

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