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    Business Name:Central Florida Zoological and Botanical Gardens Business Category:Fundraising Member Name :Daphne Keys Country:United States
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    Website:www.centralfloridazoo.org Twitter Username: LinkedIn: City:Lake Monroe Phone:4079279980 City:Daytona Beach Postcode / ZIP:FL Country / Region:United States State / County:Volusia Florida
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    My career has been focused on Christian Ministry and Nonprofit organizational support through grant writing, donor development, social media, and marketing to grow friends and funds.  Recently, answering a call to serve at the Central Florida Zoo as their Director of Development - aiding in raising friends, funds and partners for ongoing needs, as well as adding new exhibits.

    I am married with adult children, a grandmother and a doting aunt.   We have two active dogs, love to stay active, and travel when possible.

    My heart is to serve well, with integrity, honoring God, while bringing clarity and capacity to your mission.

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