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    Business Name:Baillargeon Law Firm Business Category:Legal Services Church Affiliation:First Baptist of Orlando Member Name :Ashley Baillargeon
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    Website:www.BaillargeonLawFirm.com Facebook: Twitter Username: LinkedIn: Phone:407-338-3230
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    My firm is a faith based law firm. I recommend counseling to clients going through a divorce or if other issues are going on. All ofthe counselors I work with are believers. My firm handles family law, domestic violence, and human trafficking. We service all of Central Florida and some areas outside of Central Florida. All of my clients know what is going on with their case at all times, and that is something I take very seriously. When you call or text, you WILL speak to an attorney. You can call or text my business line. 407-338-3230. Ashley@BaillargeonLawFirm.com

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