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    C of C profile

    Let The Whole World Know offers you the unlimited

    opportunity to lay up treasure in Heaven free.

    At no financial costs to you. Ever.


    How it operates.

    1 click on the link www.servetheking.org

    2 scroll to 8 Absurd Things (click on the page flipper)

    3 as you read the Lord may lay on your heart someone to

    forward it to via Email. (It doesn’t cost anything)

    4 highlight the website address and select “copy.”

    5 open your email app and paste the website

    address into the body of a new email.

    6 ask them to read over the 8 Absurd Things

    and consider forwarding it to others. (and ask them to . .)

    You have become a spiritual warrior, a Navy Seal

    or other Special Forces. A player in the game of life!

    No longer just a spectator! A Force for the Kingdom!

    (Be sure to whisper a little prayer as you hit “send.”)


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