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    I'm a 32 year old who still dreams like an 11 year old.

    And although my 11 year old self's aspiration of being a Major League shortstop never did come true, my journey up to this point has allowed me the opportunity to develop in some really cool and unique roles.

    I'm currently living in the most magical place on earth, Orlando, FL with my wife Katie, the kindest, wisest, most genuinely gorgeous woman I've ever known. My intense curiosity for areas that challenge me has found me wearing many different hats over the years. A few of them being that of a web developer, Jelly Belly enthusiast, Real Estate investor, entrepreneur, photographer and self-proclaimed speed walking champion.

    My living room wall may or may not be covered in Michael Jackson memorabilia (it is), and I have a very real, albeit irrational fear of whales. My parents never told me about Santa Claus, and I'm absolutely awful at harmonizing a melody...straight up can't do it.

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    Business Name:CFCCC Young Professionals Network Business Category:Non-Profit Member Name :Brandon Reed Country:United States
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    Website:http://brandon-reed.com LinkedIn: Address line 1:901 Marquee Dr. City:Minneola Postcode / ZIP:34715 Phone:719-210-7339
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