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Philippians 4:6-7
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oldest son needs spine surgery

My son, Josh Lacy, is in need of prayer as he is meeting with a spinal surgeon this Thursday to discuss his options. He met with one of his regular doctors today that went over his recent MRI and the results were not good at all. His L3-L5 lumbar region are ruptured, with the bottom two being the worse. He has not been able to sleep at all due to the extreme pain and he’s trying to avoid any and all medications due to his job as a licensed yacht captain and manager. Taking such medicines would cause for a suspension of his license which he is avoiding at all cost. We are asking for prayer for healing and guidance with the doctors that he will be meeting this week to resolve his problem and pain. Thank you for your prayers

Isaiah 53:5 is my favorite verse and we are claiming that for my son. “…by his wounds we are healed”.

funds for Belle Glade warehouse

We are waiting on the Lord to provide $50,000 for a building for our second location in Belle Glade. We can make a large impact on that area helping needy people through direct and other non profits in providing food for them. We are blessed with food and supplies, but need a warehouse to distribute it year round. mark

Book Contract

I’ve written a book–Beautifully Broken: Gathering the Pieces From Near Death, Betrayal, and Mental Illness.

I’m going to a writers conference Oct 20-24 where I plan to find an agent or publisher. I need God’s hand on this because on my own I am a nervous wreck. I need to get my book proposal and cover letter ready to send as soon as it’s requested.

I hope for this book to be a ministry to people.

Prayer for a place to live

Keyshawn Dozier is needing prayers for a place to live. He is 21 and he has a job and he currently works a lot of hours. He is saving up money for his own place, but until then he is looking for a room to rent or a mother-in-law suite. He is very quiet, non drinker, non smoker. He is a Christian writer and Videographer. Please keep him in prayer, he would like to work for CRU Orlando, Christian Film or Video Company. Thank you for your prayers.

Kristi Nowrouzi

Please pray for peace and comfort for her family. Her dad had an aneurysm and it has caused several complications, they believe him to be in his final hours. He is surrounded by all five children and his family. Please pray for the family as they say their goodbyes and spend these final hours with him and each other.

Daniel Emig, Frontier Partners International Missionary

Dan had an aortic dissection on Monday, May 24th. The latest updates are showing God’s power as a result of many praying for him. He’s moved out of ICU and even the doctors and nurses are saying it’s a miracle he’s alive. His wife, Nora, struggles with anxiety and this has been difficult for her as well. Please join us in prayer for Dan and for FPI, as he’s the Vice President and integral to this small mission organization seeking to serve the least and the last.

Prayer for Rhawnie Goldstein

Please pray for both Mark and Rhawnie, Rhawnie was sent by ambulance due to not feeling well. Please continue to pray for both Mark and Rhawnie, for healing and for endurance and strength for Mark as he supports the family through these challenging health concerns.

Daniel O’Leary

Please lift the men of Teen Challenge Orlando up in prayer. We have new brothers coming in daily and you cannot imagine the condition some arrive in. We also have men graduating our program in just a couple of days.

Grandfather is dying

My 93 year old grandfather is dying. He doesn’t know Jesus. He is a celebrated psychology professor and author. His name is Rue Cromwell. Thank you.


I’m having surgery on December 8th at 5pm to repair a hernia (complication from my previous abdominal surgeries). It’s a minor outpatient procedure. I’m more nervous about recovery than the surgery itself.

My parents and in-laws are all helping with me and Arthur. I’m thanking God that Andrew can work that day and that my son is in loving hands.

The surgery date got moved up from the 11th to the 8th just yesterday, so I’m a little stressed about getting everything situated.
Thank you!

Karen’s mother tested positive for covid

Please pray for Karen’s mom to be healed of this nasty virus in the name of Jesus. She’s in the hospital as of yesterday, as a precaution as she does have other ailments. She’s 79 and about to celebrate her 80th birthday in about 6 weeks. Pray for GREAT hospital care givers, wise doctors that won’t jump the gun in putting her on a ventilator unless absolutely necessary. Her O2 is actually very good right now.

Prayer for our business and family

So, not too long ago I was praying and I heard God call me to pray for adoption by the time I turn 40 (April 2023). I kept asking Him repeatedly if I was hearing Him correctly. He kept showing me that He was able.

Read more about this prayer here: https://fatherskingdom.wordpress.com/2020/09/05/a-big-crazy-audacious-prayer/

In asking God to show me how we would get there, two big goals kept coming up:

1. Hire another mechanic (not just any mechanic. The right mechanic.)

2. Find our own business property. We’re growing out of our rental and another mechanic would have us busting at the seams.

All 3 of the prayers seem like a stretch on their own. Together they are daunting. But God can do all things. And He is already moving.

I would love for the Christian business community to join us in this prayer!

Our son’s healing UPDATE

Thanks so much each & every one of you who prayed for our covid-positive son last week, reached out & made sure we were ok, the prayers were felt & the emails much appreciated. He feels well & will be able to take a covid retest & graduate from quarantine life at the end of the week. Thank you again for the support & healing prayers.

Wendi Hogan and Family

Please pray for Wendi Hogan and her family.  She and her girls are dealing with COVID, please pray for healing mercies and that Joe remains symptom-free so he can continue to nurse them all back to health!

Our son’s healing

Our son tested positive yesterday for covid & is quaratined for 2 weeks & we are monitoring him from afar – he is in school in Lakeland at Florida Southern College. Our prayer is he doesn’t get too sick & has no long-term organ damage. He has a lot of allergies, so his immune system is already overstimulated & therefore the bit of concern.

Prayer for a friend and our business

  1. My friend, Lucie, lives with her brother and elderly mother. Her brother, Bill, is in ICU with COVID. Her mother’s health is declining rapidly and she’s considering calling in hospice. Please pray for perseverance and wisdom. Praise God that they have a good community to surround her with help.
  2. Business started slowing down in July/August. People aren’t driving as much so their vehicle’s aren’t needing as much. Pray for wisdom on how to continue communicating with current clients and bring in new ones. Pray especially for my vendor table at a children’s consignment sale in mid-September where I’m hoping to meet families as potential clients.

Elderly Parents

Dad 93, mom 89 and mother in law 93 all have cognitive challenges and require some additional care.  Many of you have elderly parents and pray for wisdom and discernment especially in these COVID times as presents new challenges of caregiving.

Mediation to right wrongs

Good morning my friends, brothers and sisters.  Years ago I went through a divorce that I was too fragile to fight for myself.  At the time I felt that God put on my heart to just sign the papers and that He would right the wrongs.  This time has come about and our mediation for modification is coming up this Thursday (August 6th) between 9-11.  Several times during prayer I have felt impressed to pray that God close the mouth of lions.  I am also asking that God be glorified and that I remain humble in heart.  Of course I believe that the Holy Spirit is filling the blanks on what I don’t know how to pray so I just ask that you pray.

Aubrey Kahn – Firm Foundation Home Inspections

Prayer Warriors,

Aubrey is being admitted into the hospital for testing today 8.2.20.  Please pray for the doctors to be able to identify the underlying health issues, quick improvement in Aubrey’s health, and pray for Aubrey to stay positive and encouraged in this difficult and challenging season.

Aubrey’s email should you wish to reach out with encouragement and specific prayers is, akahn.firmfoundation@gmail.com