Over the past couple weeks we’ve had various viruses, including the Flu, go through our family. I (Bethany) came down with something about 1 1/2 weeks ago. As is normal, I got a cough which flared up my asthma, which is usually manageable. However, despite getting medical treatment, it continued to get worse. Yesterday afternoon (3/5/19) Andrew rushed me to the ER with the worst asthma attack I’ve ever had. They say it was likely a combination of my illness and this particularly bad allergy season. Thankfully, they were able to treat me and send me home.

There are a couple ways you can pray:

  1. In a business with only two staff (Andrew and Bethany), one of us taking the other to receive medical treatment means closing down the business. We’re in process of acquiring resources to bring more staff on, but it is taking time. Please pray for God’s hand and our obedience in this challenge.
  2. The asthma medication makes me wired and jittery, which makes it hard to sleep, think clearly, and do fine-motor tasks such as writing and typing. Please pray that I can back down my meds quickly and that I don’t have another attack.