Prayer for a place to live

Keyshawn Dozier is needing prayers for a place to live. He is 21 and he has a job and he currently works a lot of hours. He is saving up money for his own place, but until then he is looking for a room to rent or a mother-in-law suite. He is very quiet, non drinker, non smoker. He is a Christian writer and Videographer. Please keep him in prayer, he would like to work for CRU Orlando, Christian Film or Video Company. Thank you for your prayers.

Kristi Nowrouzi

Please pray for peace and comfort for her family. Her dad had an aneurysm and it has caused several complications, they believe him to be in his final hours. He is surrounded by all five children and his family. Please pray for the family as they say their goodbyes and spend these final hours with him and each other.

Daniel Emig, Frontier Partners International Missionary

Dan had an aortic dissection on Monday, May 24th. The latest updates are showing God’s power as a result of many praying for him. He’s moved out of ICU and even the doctors and nurses are saying it’s a miracle he’s alive. His wife, Nora, struggles with anxiety and this has been difficult for her as well. Please join us in prayer for Dan and for FPI, as he’s the Vice President and integral to this small mission organization seeking to serve the least and the last.

Prayer for Rhawnie Goldstein

Rhawnie was admitted to the hospital today. Please pray for healing for her and for strength and health for Mark.

Prayer for Rhawnie Goldstein

Please pray for both Mark and Rhawnie, Rhawnie was sent by ambulance due to not feeling well. Please continue to pray for both Mark and Rhawnie, for healing and for endurance and strength for Mark as he supports the family through these challenging health concerns.