Grandfather is dying

My 93 year old grandfather is dying. He doesn’t know Jesus. He is a celebrated psychology professor and author. His name is Rue Cromwell. Thank you.


I’m having surgery on December 8th at 5pm to repair a hernia (complication from my previous abdominal surgeries). It’s a minor outpatient procedure. I’m more nervous about recovery than the surgery itself.

My parents and in-laws are all helping with me and Arthur. I’m thanking God that Andrew can work that day and that my son is in loving hands.

The surgery date got moved up from the 11th to the 8th just yesterday, so I’m a little stressed about getting everything situated.
Thank you!

Karen’s mother tested positive for covid

Please pray for Karen’s mom to be healed of this nasty virus in the name of Jesus. She’s in the hospital as of yesterday, as a precaution as she does have other ailments. She’s 79 and about to celebrate her 80th birthday in about 6 weeks. Pray for GREAT hospital care givers, wise doctors that won’t jump the gun in putting her on a ventilator unless absolutely necessary. Her O2 is actually very good right now.

Praying for Suitable Care

Dear brothers and sisters,

I hope this petition finds you well.  Would you please help me pray  to find suitable care for my son.  He has been diagnosed with Asperger and ADHD.  We have been homeschooling for several years now.  Although he is only 6,  he is very advanced academically.  I am praying to find a good after school program so he can participate while I work.  Our prayer is to continue homeschooling,  but I am feeling overwhelmed trying to keep him entertained.

Many things in advance.

Prayer for our business and family

So, not too long ago I was praying and I heard God call me to pray for adoption by the time I turn 40 (April 2023). I kept asking Him repeatedly if I was hearing Him correctly. He kept showing me that He was able.

Read more about this prayer here:

In asking God to show me how we would get there, two big goals kept coming up:

1. Hire another mechanic (not just any mechanic. The right mechanic.)

2. Find our own business property. We’re growing out of our rental and another mechanic would have us busting at the seams.

All 3 of the prayers seem like a stretch on their own. Together they are daunting. But God can do all things. And He is already moving.

I would love for the Christian business community to join us in this prayer!

Please pray for Robert Allen

Met a gentleman on a site visit this week. He’s been saved for 14 years but feels the light dimming and isn’t walking as close as “he should” with the lord. He is having back pain causing arm pain, and has some unresolved “matters of the heart” which could be the root cause of this. Pray his hunger for Christ deepens and he quenches his desire for the Lord!