Seeking Space For A Church – Lake Nona Area


I am seeking permanent location for a 10-year-old church that is currently meeting in a local school.  If you know of a church, meeting hall, or other suitable facility in the Lake Nona area that could accommodate a growing church please give me a call (407-739-3701), drop me an email ( or respond to this message.  This should NOT be a shared location.  They are seeking to have their own dedicated building or space.

This church currently needs space for 50 worshipers, 2 or more offices and one to two classroom / nursery rooms.  Room to grow would be great too.


Brandon Owen


Semoran Commercial Real Estate

(407) 739-3701

A Night Of…HOPE

A Night Of…HOPE

We need auction pieces! Donate your new items, package deals, or experiences to prevent homelessness! Contact for more info.

The Stewards’s Manifesto

The Stewards’s Manifesto

The Steward’s Manifesto

I believe God is…the creator and owner of the earth and everything in it.

I believe Scripture is…the inspired Word of God and therefore the authoritative and timeless source of wisdom for all decisions.

I believe I am…a trusted steward, responsible for managing God’s resources.

I believe money is…a tool used to accomplish God’s purposes and to reveal where I’ve placed my faith, hope and trust.

I therefore commit to live as a steward- applying God’s wisdom in any financial decisions, using my resources to pursue the purposes of God, setting my hop on eternity, and encouraging others to do the same.