Relocation Update:

We are in negotiations with our landlord to sign a new lease at our current location (We will not be forced out on July 2!). This will give us room to breathe while we take time to figure out a long-term solution that is good for our business. Please pray that we would be able to cover the increased rent and that we would have an adequate provision to break the lease if we find a good location that allows us to grow our business. 

Next Elite Team Mastery Workshop – Wednesday, September 26th

Next Elite Team Mastery Workshop – Wednesday, September 26th

Elite Team Mastery SystemSM Workshop

  1. Wednesday, September 26th, 8:00 am Registration / 4:30 pm Depart

  • Gain clarity around the principles needed to lead an Elite Team
  • Implement practices that motivate the highest performance
  • Break Silos and get your team communicating and collaborating
  • Spend less time firefighting, and more time being proactive
  1. Learn how to get your entire team on the same page, hold
    everyone accountable, and increase profits by 50% and more!

    1. Location with either be near Downtown Orlando, FL or Lake Mary, FL

Navigating the Maze

Navigating the Maze

September 1979, after 2 weeks of training the Dealer walked up to me and shook my hand while saying; “Congratulations David, You are now a full time car salesman, No part time customer knows more. Now Go Get ‘Em!”

Looking back over almost 40 years, one word comes to mind, Predatory. Many in this marketplace will seek to take advantage and prices can differ thousands on the same product. Then there are variations of that product, mileage, condition, options etc. Its like a maze and with every wrong turn, You Pay More.

The Chariot Fund was created to help you navigate the maze. Let us share our dealer resources while guiding you in a fully transparent approach to purchasing, trade evaluations and credit/finance options. Our expertise is 2nd to none in the automotive industry and questions are answered at no charge.


David Mercedes

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