Elderly Parents

Dad 93, mom 89 and mother in law 93 all have cognitive challenges and require some additional care.  Many of you have elderly parents and pray for wisdom and discernment especially in these COVID times as presents new challenges of caregiving.

The Stewards’s Manifesto

The Stewards’s Manifesto

The Steward’s Manifesto

I believe God is…the creator and owner of the earth and everything in it.

I believe Scripture is…the inspired Word of God and therefore the authoritative and timeless source of wisdom for all decisions.

I believe I am…a trusted steward, responsible for managing God’s resources.

I believe money is…a tool used to accomplish God’s purposes and to reveal where I’ve placed my faith, hope and trust.

I therefore commit to live as a steward- applying God’s wisdom in any financial decisions, using my resources to pursue the purposes of God, setting my hop on eternity, and encouraging others to do the same.


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